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The mission of the Lost Coast Interpretive Association is to inspire a passion for understanding and preserving the natural life of the Lost Coast in students, visitors and the community. Sharing this passion is what our programs are all about. We offer a natural science curriculum to schools and youth interns, and provide articles, lectures, hikes, and a Facebook page. The Lost Coast Education Center will soon open at the King Range National Conservation Area office, where we will offer workshops in our Native Plant Garden as well as interpretive displays, school field trips, volunteer opportunities and much more.


In 2000, the Staff at the King Range National Conservation area realized the need for a partner in bringing interpretive information about the local Conservation Lands to the public, and the Lost Coast Interpretive Association was founded. Early projects included natural science fairs and the movie, Lost Coast Adventures, which teaches safety and stewardship to visitors.

About Lost Coast Interpretive Association

We inspire passion for nature through programs designed to get people of all ages outside to enjoy, experience and learn about nature, as well as programs that bring nature inside the classroom and a Facebook page.

2019 Schedule of Events

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Summer Adventure Camp

Summer Adventure Camp is a day camp where we bring children outside to experience nature.
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